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Yoga Nidra

7 Amazing Benefits of Yoga Nidra What is Yoga Nidra? If you are seeking the deepest relaxation, Yoga Nidra will help you out to achieve your target. It is the state of meditation that can be experienced to bring incredible clarity and calmness to the mind. This practice referred to as a method of ‘Yogic sleep’, it aims to tune…



Aromatherapy is the ancient practice of using plant oils for health and wellbeing. Using the DOTERRA distilled oils from roots, leaves, and flowers, aromatherapists promote physical and psychological wellness through baths, inhalations, facials, candles, and massage. I have been practicing with Doterra essential oils since 2010. My experience using the oils with my patients have been incredible. I use essential…



It is an alternative medicine technique whose advocates claim that the patterns, colors and other characteristics of the iris can be examined to determine information about the patient’s systemic health. A major benefit of iridology is that it helps to determine if a certain part in the body is overactive, irritated, have an injury or if any organs or tissues…