Holistic Experiences

Health is the greatest Wealth!

Welcome to the Domes Holistic Retreat.  We will guide you in a complete experience of well-being using alternative approaches that can be incorporated into your lifestyle.


We focus on:

  • Positive self-talk and self-love
  • Figuring out your personal values and why you do what you do
  • Taking time for yourself
  • Reflecting on past experiences and facing the present
  • Learning to manage and overcome negative thoughts
  • Protecting your energy and setting boundaries

Create your OWN holistic experience.
Choose from the Menu or allow us to guide You in a Wellness Experience

Massage $85

Add Ons:

Cupping  $10

Hot Stones  $10

Aromatherapy  $4

Light Therapy  $25

Compression Boots  $34

Reiki $99

Add Ons:

Sound Healing  $65

Yoga Nidra $99

Sleep based yoga for profound healing

Yoga & Breathwork $45

Quantum Hypnosis $250

*An interview is required before the therapy.

Interview  $75

Pendulum Reading $45


Auriculotherapy & Magnet Therapy  $65

Add Ons:

Light Therapy $35

Aromatherapy  $10

Magnet Therapy $35

Packages available

Individual and Group Coaching

Menu prices are per person.

Fruits, snack, and tea are included in two services or more.

By appointment only.