Breath is Life

What is Breathwork?

The condition of our  breath mirrors the state of our mind. When we are stressed, our breath becomes short and unsteady, and we may even hold our breath. When our breath flows smoothly and calmly, our mental fatigue, tunnel vision and the adrenaline starts to calm down.

The Program

Education on how the nervous system works and how breathing plays an important role in stress management. Dysfunctional breathing is likely making one weaker and less resilient to stress.

A personalized assessment of breathing patterns with instruction on how to correct breathing dysfunction. Nearly everyone has some level of breathing dysfunction, so this is a valuable opportunity to correct these issues.

Expert guidance in the various techniques that one can employ to improve resilience to stress, improve focus, and improve mental and physical health.

Optional additional group experiences to apply what is learned in carefully procured “stress simulations”, depending on the goals and needs of the group.

Access to What is Important Now the 4 Pillars of Wellbeing.



Pranayama is an ancient breath technique that originates from yogic practices in India. It involves controlling your breath in different styles and lengths. It has more recently gained popularity in the western world because of the many health benefits that come from a pranayama practice.


Eric Costello

Eric Costello is a professional yoga and breathworker, mindfulness trainer, certified Amrit Yoga Method Institute, and the Yogalab breath work awareness personal trainer. He is a police and first responders mindfulness coach in Puerto Rico.

After a near death experience in a police vehicle crash in 2015, he suffered from what he dubbed “The mind and body are connected”, a condition that he suspects you are trying to deal with too.


In 2015, he began a life transformation mission that led him to discover how our mind and breath often conflict with the modern world. The following year, he became passionate about yoga and breath training as a method to combat his PTSD’s and chronic muscle spasms. Since then, he has trained in multiple mindfulness and breath work techniques, including the mother of all breath work, Pranayama. Eric is a certified Yoga Alliance Hatha yoga and Pranayama teacher.

He is a leading coach for the Puerto Rico Police Department in the subject of cold mindfulness training and a voice of practicality.  

Eric leads workshops, lectures and training sessions for physical and mental health fitness around Puerto Rico and online in his Facebook group the Yogalab breath work and Hatha yoga. Eric works with officers, athletes, first responders, military and people from every walk of life.